From the “financial enigma” who predicted The Rise of America and wild inflation, comes an urgent new opportunity in the gold markets:

“Project Gold

An exclusive, backdoor way you could make 5X – 10X in the gold markets, alongside some major-league investors…

Even if gold does nothing in 2023.

Hello, Marin Katusa here.

Take a look at this photo:

Believe it or not…

This is a rock.

But not just any rock…

It’s the most valuable rock I’ve seen in my 20-year career.

And one that has attracted the attention of some of the biggest investors on the planet.

That’s because the rock in the picture, about the size of my #1 best selling book, ‘The Rise of America’, contains a little over 10 ounces of gold and over 5 ounces of silver.

At today’s prices, the meltdown value of the rock in the picture is worth over $18,000…

This is the highest concentration of precious metals you will most likely ever see.

But that’s not even the best part:

Recently, at a location I cannot reveal because of a non-disclosure agreement…

My team and I took a private plane to a mining region that, for reasons I will explain in a minute, the investment community has forgotten about…

With miles and miles of rocks underground just like this one.

I even brought international bestselling author and financial educator, Robert Kiyosaki along with me who was blown away at the site…

Robert didn’t believe that we’d see incredible gold grades immediately. So, I said, “Get your luggage, we’re flying down”.

Nearly 20 years in this business and 200 mine sites in that time…

I have NEVER seen gold grades like this in my career

And one expert source agrees with me – calling this region “one of the highest-grade mines in the world.”

Not to mention, I have never seen lead and zinc grades like this with my own eyes.

Even more impressive, this operating mine may be sitting above one of the greatest undiscovered copper deposits.

And that’s why, today…

I’m pulling the trigger and investing millions into this company, unlike anything I’ve ever done before…

An opportunity that I estimate could return 5 to 10X gains from here…

Even if gold does nothing in 2023.

No, this is not another invitation to buy a small “secret” gold stock on a small-time exchange that no one can access.


This is your chance to get in on a very special company listed on a major exchange. And with a FREE, stealth upside kicker I’ll talk about shortly.

Now, some of the biggest gold investors in the world are alongside me on this company… and potentially you.

The opportunity I want to tell you about today allows you to invest directly in this unique company.

As one of the leading financiers of resource companies in the world, I’ve made myself and my followers a lot of money from similar deals.

Including gains of 1,450%… 1,650%… and 1,852%… among many others.

Normally, deals like these are usually reserved for accredited investors. But now, any investor can now purchase shares of this exact company in the open market right now. 

With my family, I’ve made this my top two largest gold holdings.

Right now, several of the world’s best investors are involved in this deal…

Which we’ve code-named “Project Gold Rush.”

This mine isn’t some hypothetical piece of land in the middle of nowhere. It is operating.

It’s in a mining district with paved roads, infrastructure like power lines and water in place, and almost 100 years of historical production…

Where over 300 million ounces of silver and over 2.9 million ounces of gold has been produced.

I had a legendary hall of fame geologist, Roman Shklanka conducts his own due diligence on the project, and he has never in his 65-year career seen a project like this.

I can tell you that one of the world’s most respected resource gold investors is going to participate…

Legendary investor Doug Casey is on board.

And legendary geologist Dick Silllitoe thinks they could be “pocket aces” in this project…

The “Shakespeare of Geology” Thinks There are Massive Pocket Aces Here…

Who is “The Shakespeare of Geology“, Dick Sillitoe?

Dick is the leading practitioner in the profession of economic geology. If there is an award to win for geology, Dick has one on his shelf.

NO ONE has more papers published than him.

He’s published over 140 papers in international journals and over 950 technical reports for clients and is most likely the most cited geologist on the planet.

Few have visited as many porphyry projects as Dick.

Dick has been to this company’s flagship mine 5 times and has mapped the surface area of porphyry potential. And he’s gone underground twice in the last year.

  • Dick has stated that the porphyry potential in the 100% company-owned mine is one of the top porphyry COPPER exploration targets in the world.

Very few people outside of Katusa Research are aware of this.

I’ve seen this song before with Equinox Gold and its copper spinout, Solaris Resources.

If you’re not aware, I was an early major investor in Equinox Gold, which turned into a multi-billion dollar company.

But it also had a potentially huge copper asset that was a set of pocket aces up its sleeve. There was massive added upside potential here.

When the copper asset, Solaris, was spun out of Equinox it was off to the races.

Every subscriber that owned shares of Equinox got shares of the copper company spinout, Solaris Resources.

I truly believed Solaris would be the world’s next major copper discovery.

What happened next was incredible…

In 2016, we literally did an invitation, just like the one you are reading right now, that talked about copper assets.

The best part? All shareholders got free shares of Solaris as a dividend as shareholders of Equinox Gold.

Shares of Solaris went from 50 cents all the way to $16 just recently – for an incredible 32x gain.

The risk was VERY HIGH…

This type of score is not typical, but it can happen.

And I put my money into companies where I believe the risk-reward is in my favor.

Project Gold Rush is one of them and with acclaimed geologists looking at this project, it gets me excited about a potential gold score AND copper upside.

In other words, it’s why this venture has a “Hall of Fame” roster of investors backing it.

And Project Gold Rush could soon be the talk of the resource industry.

How do I know?

Because deals like this are how Doug Casey, Eric Sprott, Rob McEwen, and the elite investors I’ve mentioned have made massive fortunes in resource markets.

By investing before Wall Street fund managers and ordinary stock market investors know what’s going on, with an incredible kicker.

I believe this is—without a doubt—the single best way to make a small fortune over the next few years in what could be a major gold project with a copper porphyry upside.

Even at CURRENT gold and copper prices.

If gold and copper rise higher, well, I don’t have to tell you how excited I’d be owning this company.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have A LOT of my own money on the line to back up my belief.

Anyone who gets in now could look back at this opportunity with satisfaction… And a much higher net worth.

In other words, this could be the only time you have a chance to act on this invitation.

After that, the chance to get into Project Gold Rush at this price will be gone forever.

Time is extremely short.

Before I get to the details, however, there’s something you must know going in.

Do You Qualify?

Normally, there is a very high barrier to entry to get in on some of the best gold deals…

Especially if you live in the U.S.

You usually have to have a $1 million liquid net worth or more, which qualifies you as an “accredited investor.”

Or, you made $250,000 per year for the last 2 years—and be able to prove it.

But not for Project Gold Rush.

This deal is open to the general public.

I’m going to show you exactly what to do, to position yourself and buy shares in this incredible opportunity.

That’s why I’m so excited about Project Gold Rush – it’s the first time ever I’ve been able to bring a deal like this to ANYONE.

There is only one criteria:

First, you must have a brokerage account.

If you don’t have a brokerage account, or a minimum of $1000 to invest in this deal, this is not for you.

But if you do, here are the details…

The Greatest High-Grade Gold Mine Since Kirkland Lake’s Fosterville?

Rather than just financing another small-cap company exploring for gold…

We’re swinging for the fences on this one.

With me as the lead investor in Project Gold Rush, I am buying direct ownership of a gold project with copper upside, with millions of my own money on the line…

I cannot reveal too many specific details about Project Gold Rush—save two.


Project Gold Rush is not some risky junior exploration company with no cash flow run by amateurs in the middle of nowhere.

Have you heard of the Fosterville mine?

  • Fosterville became one of the highest-grade operating underground goldmine in the world – in the top 1% — seemingly out of nowhere.

Back in 2015, Katusa Research was the first to report on the potential of this mine, through a company called Kirkland Lake.

I was mocked back then when I said Fosterville would produce 400,000 ounces of gold…

I was WRONG.

Production exceed my production at over 850,000 ounces from just that one mine, at double the grade I projected.

The Project Gold Rush mine has all the signs of potentially being easily in the same category as Fosterville.

In the past, the Project Gold Rush district has already produced over 2.9 million ounces of gold…

Over 300 million ounces of silver…

And was operated by one of the largest mining companies in the world for decades.

But then, it fell into fragmented ownership… and became virtually invisible for decades.

Until now.

You see, modern mining technology has never been used here…

Which we are going to use to our advantage.

I’ve got some successful experience here, bringing modern technology to outstanding past-producing mines.

Alongside my late friend Jim O’Rourke, for example, I was the financing horsepower that funded new technology to an old mine that stopped production…

And within 5 years the company became the third-largest operating copper mine in Canada.

Investors had multiple windows of opportunity to make several times their money on Copper Mountain Mining.

Modern geophysics, modern mining equipment such as ore grade sorters and drilling equipment will be instrumental in unlocking the value in Project Gold Rush.


Project Gold Rush is specifically focused on acquiring what my team and I believe is a MAJOR gold and base metal (copper and zinc) mining district.

An asset, by the way, that I expect to be acquired by one of the major gold companies in the not-too-distant future.

And big gold miners are on a M&A spending spree to acquire big gold deposits…

I also want you to know that, due to incredibly high demand, and the popularity of this company’s type of structure…

I cannot guarantee that this price will last.

If the company executes and the market takes notice, we could see an immediate double from current prices.

That said…

This project is f******g massive. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

That’s how I explained Project Gold Rush to my team…

(My right-hand man and chief investment officer, Rob, was floored that I was able to find this deal.)

This asset is in North America, but I can’t tell you the exact location due to the non-disclosure agreement.

But of course, being in North America, it’s a safe jurisdiction with low political risk.

And because of the type of world-class asset, I think this can become…

It’s not a single mine play.

This is an entire district play; which means many mines could potentially come out of this district.

To put things into perspective, over 25 mines were in production in the exact district that is now 100% owned by this company.

In other words, it’s a land package of over 10,000 acres with a proven, top 1% grade gold and silver that is currently in production and has considerable upside.

At current prices, the price the company is paying to buy the district and operating-mine and upgrade the mine with new technology.

The payback time on this investment could be than two years.

Imagine being able to pay off a mortgage on a house you just bought within two years, after a minor renovation paid for from the rent you make from the house.

That’s what I am talking about here.

A project with this much potential will be of major interest to the big mining companies.

And I can tell you firsthand:

I’ve personally made millions of dollars with these types of deals.

No doubt this is high-risk and high reward.

I could lose and be completely wrong on this. But that’s a bet that I’m willing to take and have my own money on the line.

I realize I’m asking you to take a leap of faith here…

Because I can’t reveal many details behind Project Gold Rush.

But I can tell you that I’ve been finding opportunities and deals like this for nearly my entire twenty-year career.

For example…

  • One major deal I published has gone on to give investors the chance to cash in on nearly 500% of their money in just under 12 months.
  • One of my major uranium plays netted early investors up to 680% returns in the last 12 months.

My old colleagues and wealthy publishers that you might recognize even follow my work…

Now, again, there’s no guarantee that gold stock opportunities like this will bring us lottery wins.

They’re high-risk.

But sometimes these types of deals can see even bigger gains…

You may have heard of a gold company called Northern Dynasty.

The company has a significant gold and copper project in Alaska.

It was in the news four years ago, right after Donald Trump was elected U.S. president because the markets thought he would free up the mining permitting process (which he eventually did).

I stood before a packed house at an investor conference and told the crowd Northern Dynasty was one of my top holdings.

So, if you bought Northern Dynasty shares in the open market, on the stock exchange, you would have made ten times your money…

In fact, one of my followers, G.T., told me he made a quick open-market gain on Northern Dynasty:

“Investing in Marin’s ideas is the best decision I ever made. I invested $13,500 in Northern Dynasty. In less than three months, the value of my investment was over $52,000… up 280%.”

Are these types of results guaranteed or typical? Absolutely not.

I put my money into high-risk stocks for a risk-adjusted reward.

Only the rich and well-connected get access to these projects—until now.

Project Gold Rush is similar to a deal I did with Ryan Gold.

At the time, Ryan Gold had zero analyst coverage.

But I vetted the company… liked what I saw.. and became a major early shareholder.

Less than a year later, Ryan Gold was a stock market darling.

The New York Times even ran a story on it.

The stock soared. I made millions on the deal—and folks who got in alongside me could have made a 1,450% return.

I also had a big win with a small mining firm called Lithium One.

Lithium is an important metal, especially these days… because it’s used in electric vehicle battery technology.

The founders of Lithium One offered me the position of president at the company…

I politely declined.

Instead, I became a large early investor.

A small group of investors ended up seeing long-term 2,440% gains after the IPO.

The truth is, even regular folks who qualify can hit it big in these kinds of deals.

Just one example:

I encouraged another friend of mine, M.T., to invest in Ryan Gold private placement.

The result?

His MBA paid in full—all from an initial investment of less than $5,000:

“On Marin’s recommendation, I invested $4,800 in a private placement with Ryan Gold. He turned out to be right, and the company soared in value. I sold my stake for more than $150,000, which paid for my MBA.”

And Brad E. got into a similar deal we did a few years ago for JDL / Equinox Gold. Since we did that deal, it spun off another company, Solaris, which holders got for free and made up to 31 times their money.

He wrote:

“JDL / Equinox was my first-ever private placement deal. I put in a very small sum of money… I have to admit I was a bit skeptical.

Four years later, this position has now become the biggest-ever gainer in my entire portfolio – including the warrants and now the copper spin-off that’s up over 10X.

I’m up big on my original investment! Marin Katusa is the real deal… and someone you should definitely listen to if you want to make a ridiculous amount of money in this space.”

Here’s the important thing. . .

I believe this brand-new Project Gold Rush opportunity could be much bigger and better than any of the ones I’ve just mentioned.

These kinds of deals are always offered to the industry’s biggest check-writers, like me… I’d be willing to bet your broker doesn’t even know about these assets yet.

And won’t hear about them until it’s too late…

That is if he hears about them at all.

Which is why you’ll never see these deals featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal until after the big gains are made.

This gives the regular investor a HUGE advantage, especially in this deal…

Project Gold Rush: The Endgame

If you’re interested in claiming one of the available spots in this deal…

I see the “endgame” playing out one of two ways:

  1. 12 to 24 months, I believe a major mining company may be interested in buying out the company.
  1. The second option is, within the same time frame, the company could have at least two operating gold mines and the share price could trade significantly higher.

And remember: In either scenario, this is what I call an “asymmetric bet”…

Where a minimum investment could see 5X to 10X returns.

Could the shares of this company go down? Definitely.

Could you lose money? For sure.

In that case, no one’s going to lose more money than me.

Now let me make one last thing completely clear about this:

  • I’m absolutely not a company “insider.”
  • I’m not an executive at the company.
  • I don’t get compensated by the company in any way.
  • I don’t receive kickbacks or a finder’s fee for doing this.

I’m simply a guy who spent my own money to do due diligence on one of the best gold projects I’ve ever seen.

I am putting a large amount of my own money into this company…

This is a world-class asset that I expect to hold on to for 24 months.

Important Legal Note:

This is a high-risk investment. You have to know that going in.

Having a true industry professional alongside you in the deal AND fighting for the creation of shareholder value might be a substantially different experience than you’ve had in the past.

But I’ve made it my personal mission to bring unique opportunities, like this one, to everyday folks who are interested.

So, if you’re interested…

I’ll show you exactly how to get the full details on Project Gold Rush in the next few minutes…

And, if spaces are still open, how simple the steps are to get in on this deal.

What to Do Now:
How to be part of this Gold Deal…

There is only ONE way to get involved in this deal.

As far as I know, there’s no other newsletter in the world that’s on this story right now.

Here’s what my team and I have done

I’ve prepared a full briefing on this situation that I will send you immediately.

  • It’s called Project Gold Rush: North America’s Hottest Gold Assets.

In the report, I’ll share:

The full details and my complete analysis of this new private gold deal:

What it does . . .

How it’s positioned in the gold markets… the exit plan… and how much you could expect to gain out of the gate and long-term…

I can’t guarantee gains, of course…

As with any kind of investing, you could lose some or all of your money.

To receive my new Project Gold Rush research report…

All you have to do right now is secure 1 of the 200 available membership spots today to my research service, Katusa’s Resource Opportunities… before we have to take this offer down.

Like the financing opportunity I’ve been telling you about…

I doubt you’ll hear any of the ideas I’ll share with you in Katusa’s Resource Opportunities anywhere else.

They’ve generated millions of dollars for me, my friends and family, and plenty of other folks in my life.

For example…

Could you really make $500,000?
(Believe it or not, it’s happened…)

Consider Frank F., whose results were extraordinary:

I made exactly half a million dollars in less than a year, thanks to you.”

Another example:

Years ago, I was having a suit made. I urged my tailor to buy into a stock that I knew had extraordinary potential.

My tailor made ten times his money on the idea.

The next time I went to go see my tailor, he had a jump in his step and was so happy. I asked him…

“Pasquale, you have a new woman or something? I’ve never seen you so happy.” He said no. Then he asked if I noticed something different about him.

I honestly couldn’t. Until he pointed to his hair.

Pasquale was bald since he was 23. He said the $10,000 gain was so unexpected that he went out and bought the one thing he has always wanted…hair!  I love that story.

Another friend of mine is one of the world’s top resource investment fund managers.

I urged him to take a position in a relatively unknown oil company.

The company soared… my friend made over $1 million in his fund.

Best of all, many of our Katusa subscribers have been thrilled with our work.

In fact, in a small sample survey with over 200 respondents, 49.7% of subscribers said they made over $5000 in my picks…

For example, subscriber Fred M. said:

“I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the work you do. I have realized gains of +$200,000 in the past 12 months in large part due to acting on your analysis… I’m now waiting to launch (an)alligator feast fest on the likes of the companies on your watchlist.”

Subscriber Li C. said:

“My first monster win with you was 300% ten years ago. I’ve been making money with you ever since.”

And Katusa subscriber Brent G. wrote to say simply:

“A quick email to say a huge THANK YOU – from the little guy.”

My point is this:

Scouring the world for great new investment opportunities, and sharing them with a group of like-minded people, is what I love to do.

That’s why I’ve flown over a million miles around the world…

Invested tens of millions of dollars of my own money…

Have billionaires, top fund managers, entrepreneurs, and geologists in my network of friends and clients…

Have personal contacts at the highest levels of government…

And possess a deep knowledge of every project and deposit in the world worth knowing about.

Of course, these stocks carry a higher risk than your average blue chip.

And while these are some of my best-performing recommendations, not everyone I’ve made is a winner.

But we want you to learn the best methods along the way. Here’s a small sample of what our subscriber is saying:

“I think I found if not the best, for sure one of the top places to start investing in stocks, and at the best time. Thank you again.”


“I love your newsletter — it’s making me money! Thank you!”

-Michael B.

“KRO is far and away the greatest resource newsletter out there. I have had exposure to others, and there is no comparison. What Marin personally puts into KRO has no equal elsewhere.

-Mark B.

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-Calvin W.

“I am VERY happy with my subscription to KRO and your excellent analysis and thinking. It was a no-brainer in terms of financial and educational value provided


“On a personal note, I absolutely admire what Marin has built, it’s 1 of the most compelling prepositions in the investing world, truly differentiated. I have an investment banking background where I worked for 15+ years for bulge bracket firms. So Marin keep doing what you do, it’s incredible”

-Sebastian P.

“Thanks for all of the great work you do for your subscribers, we are lucky to have access to your analysis.”

-Brian H.

“It blows me out how much really valuable information you are able to pass on. BRAVO! I suppose we are all waiting in the alligator’s lair to pounce!”

-Mandy H.

Highly Confidential:

The Secret Site Visit That Could Be
the Biggest Score of My Career

You know already know that the best time to get in on any kind of opportunity is early.

Well, this company recently listed on a major exchange… On opening day, it traded millions of dollars.

In fact, the Chairman and CEO have both bought shares in the open market at prices higher than the stock is trading at currently.

Because we have complete faith in the Chairman, who came out of retirement for this company and is an aggressive experienced smart CEO, I have a lot of money in this deal.

The opportunity is big, and based on one of the most successful mining regions in the world…

We expect in the coming months for large funds to take notice of this tier 1 opportunity and buy shares.

In fact, as you are reading this, I have completed the site visit of what I believe might be the single largest score of my career.

It has taken nearly 2 decades of experience and 500+ site visits to be able to spot this opportunity.

Even then, it has not been—and will not be—an easy score.

Now, I can’t say too much about this deal now. Nor can I give away any revealing details.

But here’s what I can tell you I had to go through to find this play…

Because of my destination country, my federal government imposed a 14-day self-quarantine on me when I returned.

During those two weeks, I was prohibited from seeing my family or anyone else.

(To say my wife wasn’t thrilled with me would be an understatement.)

But this is the sacrifice I’m willing to make—not just for my portfolio and my family’s financial future, but for all Katusa subscribers.

To get to where I’m going, my group couldn’t book a flight with a major airline. So we booked a large private plane.

No expenses were spared on this trip.

I brought some of the most experienced geologists and engineers in the world. They are all incredibly experienced, successful hall-of-Famers.

Each of them had to sign a confidentiality agreement—me included.

My geological and engineering team agrees with me: The potential of this opportunity is worth the sacrifice of being away from loved ones for a fourteen-day quarantine upon return.

I know that sounds bad, but it is what it takes to be the best in the business.

I’ve personally spent a lot of money on due diligence costs, including pre–site visit analysis, site visit logistics, and post–site visit analysis for this project.

And have already committed over $20 million dollars to this company.

Simply put, if you aren’t a subscriber to Katusa’s Resource Opportunities, you likely will never hear about this company until it’s way too late…and every other newsletter is covering it at much higher prices.

Like I said, I’m not allowed to talk about this project.

I’m not allowed to talk about the people behind it.

I can’t even tell you the location.

I’m under a strict confidentiality agreement. But I can tell you the original financing was over 5x oversubscribed.

But if you sign up to get the Project Gold Rush report today, you’ll get this second company pick, as a bonus.

  1. It’s located in a historic mining jurisdiction. And when I say historic and reveal the name, it’s more like a Hall of Fame location.
  2. One of the company founders CAME OUT OF RETIREMENT to start this gold company. The potential and lure were just too massive for him to pass on this. He doesn’t need the money, he sold his last company for OVER $3 billion.
  3. This company is catching the eye of major gold funds. Because it’s listed on a major U.S. exchange, and located in an incredible North American area.
  4. I can see this company trading 300-500% higher in the next 24 months.

Hence why I have significant money in this company and will show you all the details why – and what price I paid.

And let me tell you: some subscribers write in and absolutely love when they get in the room and in the deal on these types of gold stocks…

“All I can say about you is that you are 1st Class and an outstanding educator! YOU are my investment coach… helping me advance my skills to make wise and informed decisions! Thank you!”
– Roger H.

“Again, [it] amazes me you will take the time out even for the little guys. Truly Admirable!”
– Andrew L.

How to Get Details on “Project
Gold Rush” Right Now

Consider this:

Top hedge funds happily pay $50,000 for deep research projects on opportunities like Project Gold Rush.

Or if you invested $100,000 with a hedge fund and it had a great year with a 50% gain… you’d typically pay at least $10,000 in fees.

Also consider that in the past, people have paid $25,000 annually for access to my ideas and deal terms like this.

That’s why we charge $3,495 for a full year of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities.

Not every investment makes money. And only buy what you’re 100% ok with going to zero. That’s how I approach every stock I buy.

You have to know that risk is real.

But in the past 2 years, some of my subscribers have seen chances to make several times their money, like…

  • A new gold company is up nearly 714% since it was recommended (in a bad gold market ).
  • The world’s best-performing uranium company in 2021, up 701%
  • The world’s largest green energy producer scored subscribers that invested over 100% and continue to pay a 5% dividend with ZERO risk because it’s all free stock after taking a Katusa Free Ride.
  • A past-producing gold mine returned over 400% with a guaranteed buyout offered by the company

With $2000 invested into each of these companies, that’s a very sizeable return.

Enough to pay for my research—and get access to some of the most lucrative financing deals in the world—for many years.

And still, we’ve been told that the price tag is too expensive.

But we keep the price high for two reasons.

One: This research is extremely expensive to produce.

I spend over $100,000 per year on data services alone.

I travel constantly to research new resource projects and opportunities around the world…

I have a full-time staff of seven people.

And when I need specialized insight on projects, I pay expensive experts.

All of this produces a much higher quality research product than what you’ll find anywhere else.

Two: I focus mainly on publicly traded companies with the potential for massive gains.

The high price tag ensures that Katusa’s Resource Opportunities readership stays small and exclusive, so we can provide tremendous value to serious investors.

In fact, keeping the price high is the only way I know of to ensure the information stays valuable for the right kind of person.

I don’t want people joining who are simply looking for the next “hot tip.”

My research, quite frankly, isn’t for them.

For as long as we can keep this open, you can receive a full year of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities for $2500a $1000 discount off the regular price . . .

And you’ll get the full details on how you could get into Project Gold Rush before the shares trade on the stock exchange.

Right away, you’ll begin receiving . . .

The Monthly Issue You’ll be sent an electronic issue straight to your inbox on the first Wednesday of every month, for the next year.

Each issue evaluates my current positions in the resource markets, including “watchlist” stocks.

These are the same positions that allowed my subscribers the chance to crush the returns of some of the largest peers in the industry.

As one of the biggest financiers of resource companies in the world, my research is fully transparent and only in the best interest of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities subscribers.

I can also say with 100% certainty: The depth of our research is unmatched.

It is reproduced in presentations of some of the biggest multinational resource firms in the world.

It is referenced, copied, and captioned in the newsletters and research reports for many of North America’s top investment banks and brokerages.

And it is followed by some of the biggest family offices and private funds in the world.

This is why Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is considered the best natural resource investment research in the game.

One last thing:


I can’t make any guarantees about gains, of course… all investing carries risk, and you could lose some or all of your money.)

But even if it just does half as well as I expect…

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