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When this crisis passes, the rebound could be historic… and Marin is buying stocks at some values not seen in decades.


Hello. Marin Katusa here.

First, I’d like to thank you for tuning in to my urgent briefing alert on the state of global markets.

As we just discussed, right now, we’re on the cusp of what may be the biggest market changes in resources in the last 50 years.

  • The Fed fired its bazooka and cut rates to near ZERO.
  • Saudi Arabia and Russia have ignited an oil price war that set off global markets.
  • Market sentiment is at extreme fear levels

This tells me that right now, we’re entering an era of incredible change… and opportunity.

One major change will be the psychology of not just government leaders but investors, business management teams and everyday citizens.

  • I think we are going into a market of a more de-globalization economy—and a focus on re-domestication of supply chains.

It’s a time where my subscribers and I have been preparing for… for a long time.

It’s part of my “alligator” investment strategy – to stalk stocks and wait for an optimal time to pounce.

That time is now.

As we’re seeing, the world is going through a time of great change and upheaval.

Geopolitical turmoil… international trade and energy wars…stagnating first-world economies… and some of the lowest interest rates in history…

It’s all setting the stage for some of what I believe are the greatest investment opportunities we’ve seen in a generation.

That’s why I’m investing millions of dollars of my own money into a small group of carefully selected natural resource stocks…

These are the “best of the best” in the entire sector…

I’m not talking about pie-in-the-sky junior stocks and micro caps…

This “black swan” scenario has truly given us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the best of the best at values that were considered far-fetched just weeks ago.

When this coronavirus crisis passes—and it will—these stocks will absolutely skyrocket… potentially handing early investors a small fortune.

And these stocks will pay me to wait out the storm.

What I’m doing with my money isn’t for everyone… and there’s a chance it may not be for you.

But I love this kind of investing—and it’s definitely something I’m good at—buying small, little-known companies BEFORE they get discovered… making early investors a small fortune.

For example…

I invested in a small, brand-new venture in a market that was so bad at the time, people told me I was crazy…

But this little company went on to make 1,050% gains in 30 months…

Or in 2008, in the depths of the financial crisis…

I was offered the chance to buy into another one of these new ventures for just 56 cents a share…

And when the company was later taken over by a Brazilian billionaire, I cashed out for a 1,250% gain… and used the profits to renovate my vacation home in Europe.

In short, investing this way—over and over again—has allowed me, a former calculus teacher, to become a multi-millionaire… with a life today that I never could have dreamed of.

These incredible opportunities are typically off-limits to regular investors…

Because they are so small, and so little-known and so unusual, the average investor would never hear about them… until the big gains have already been made.

And unless you know the right people, you’ll never hear about the best of these ventures—until it’s way too late.

Frankly, I don’t think that’s fair.

That’s why, over the past fifteen years, I’ve developed my own unique way of making money in the investment world. You won’t find my approach in any textbook… or on any websites.

When I tell people my secret approach to investing in these types of enterprises, they usually don’t believe me.

But for me personally, it’s created dozens of opportunities in my life.

I’ve shared my ideas with big media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and the New York Times.

I’ve managed more than $100 million for some of North America’s wealthiest investors.

I’ve sat on the board of a public company. And I’ve written a New York Times best-selling book, The Colder War, along the way.

And it all started with one, big bet… And I haven’t looked back since.


It’s simple… I love what I do for a living.

I travel the world looking for the best resource investments out there… The types of companies that turn each $10,000 invested into $125,000 or more… Deals that really move the needle.

I get to spend time with some of the smartest and most influential people in the world. And many of them have become close friends.

Like the legendary, multi-millionaire speculator Doug Casey, who said these kind words about me:

“I consider Marin a genius. I’ve been doing this for 40 years and I’ve got to tell you that Marin is the best stock picker in this field. Ever.”

And I love making huge sums of money for my friends and investors… Like my tailor, for one, who made 10 times his money on a stock I told him about.

That brings me to why I’m writing you today…

I Personally Invest
MILLIONS Into My Best Ideas…
And You Can Join Along

I started Katusa Research because I wanted to share my natural resource expertise with readers all around world… Normal people like you.

Not just the millionaires and billionaires who usually contact me for my ideas (these guys don’t need any more of an information edge).

I love making people money. It’s my passion. And, to be honest, it’s good for my ego.

People remember you when you told them about a stock that made them 15 times their money. I’ve made a lot of friends that way. It’s opened lots of doors.

“The initial year’s performance of your newsletter is simply phenomenal!  From everyone I listened to or spoke with, your recommendations- which were given early for great gains already, are still the top picks!

Unbelievably well done, Marin!

Thank you,”

But I still get the question all the time… If I’m so good at investing, why would I share this information with anyone?

Well, don’t think for a moment I’ve given up on investing. I put millions of dollars of my own money on the line when I find opportunities (the same opportunities I write to my subscribers about). In fact, my readers and I get into these deals on the same terms and at the same price. Well, that’s not exactly true… Readers often get better prices.

I see my research as sort of an “investment journal” of what I’m personally doing… Writing out my top ideas for my friends and clients forces me to be sharp. It makes me accountable beyond just my personal P&L statement.

The second reason I share my research is a bit greedier…

It makes me a more effective investor and dealmaker… And makes me and my readers more money.

I’ve already built a great reputation in Vancouver. I doubt there’s a CEO or big investor who wouldn’t take my call.

But they’re much more excited to speak with me knowing I’ve got a group of wealthy individuals reading my research… Individuals who can buy large amounts of their stock.

It also allows me to get my readers into investments that the public would never hear about. We all win together.

And we’ve made some extraordinary gains… 

My Personal Investment Story

Let me tell you how I made my first Million Dollars.

In 2003, I was convinced the price of tungsten, a metal, was about to soar.

Remember, I was a calculus teacher, so I didn’t have much cash. I decided to take a $180,000 loan on my house and buy a handful of tungsten stocks. 

Over the next two years, the price of tungsten soared more than 500%. One of my positions climbed from 25 cents per share to over $6 per share. That’s enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $240,000.

It was a big, real money bet that made me over one million dollars.

Of course, I would never recommend you mortgage your house to buy resource stocks. But that’s how certain I was this trend would play out.

And, here’s the thing…

I did it again only a year later, this time in uranium.

At the time, the uranium market was seriously depressed. But my research indicated it was due for a big rally… so I bought a group of tiny uranium stocks.

I was right. After I invested, uranium soared more than 600%. Many uranium stocks skyrocketed over 1,000%.

I made more than one million dollars on that big bet, too…

Understand, these gains aren’t just flukes.

Since getting into the resource market, I’ve generated some incredible gains, including… 4,160% in Prophecy Resources… 2,440% in Lithium One1,852% in Uranium Energy Corp1,450% in Ryan Gold1,200% in Laramide Resources… and 1,050% in Copper Mountain Mining to name a few.

These are the types of huge gains hypesters are always touting… Usually saying you “could” see gains this large. But I actually experienced these gains… It’s money in the bank.

And there’s a story behind every single one of those winners. But it all starts with the people…

How a Cup of Coffee Led to One of the Biggest Winners of My Career

Back in 2010, my wife would study for her MBA on the weekends. So, I’d go to my office and work.

An engineer whose office was across the street from my own happened to look up at my window and see me working. He called me to say hi, and I invited him up for a coffee.

He mentioned that he and a friend were working in an area I knew had enormous potential for gold discoveries, Canada’s Yukon Territory. He knew the prospector working on the property, Shawn Ryan.

At the time, there was no information about the company. It was nothing more than a concept at the time.

I spent the rest of the weekend researching the opportunity. I liked what I found and became a major shareholder in the company.

Less than a year later, Ryan Gold had found a significant gold deposit… and it was the market darling. The New York Times ran a story on it.  The stock soared.

We made over 1,450% on the deal – turning every $25,000 invested into $362,500.

In fact, I told a friend of mine about the Ryan Gold deal—a friend who happens to be one of the world’s most respected geologists.

He made over $100,000 on his position. His wife even came up and thanked me…

The point is, if you want to make truly huge gains in the market, you aren’t going to do it with stocks all over the news… or stocks everybody knows about and owns.

By the time everyone hears about them, the biggest gains have already been made.

In order to find the best stocks, you have to know the right people… know the assets… and take your position in when no one else is paying attention.

I’ve got dozens more stories like Ryan Gold… And just as many examples of enormous gains in the junior resource market.

But I won’t take more of your time reliving my successes (though it’s a topic I can discuss at length!). I only tell this story to teach you one thing…

Without the right approach… and especially without the right connections, you’ll never make money with these super-small resource investments.

It’s simply too hard for the individual investor on the “outside” to know which will be successful…. And which ones will be total losers.

In fact, people on the outside (which is most people) call this sector the “wild west” of investing. The gains you stand to make are simply enormous… but for every one of those stories, there are hundreds more that go to zero.

That’s why it’s important to know all the players, to have access to the best research…

And that’s why, today, I’m sharing my nearly two decades of experience and my massive Rolodex with you – at a price you’ll never see again.


You can get access to all of my best investment ideas – ideas an exclusive group of investors and I have used to make millions of dollars – as a member of my new research service, Katusa’s Resource Opportunities.

My entire career has led to the creation of this service.

In fact, this is the first research service I’ve ever put my name on. I am, after all, granting people access to all of my personal research… the kinds of ideas that have generated millions of dollars in profit for me…

… My friends, family, and just about everybody else around me… because I’m passionate about sharing the gains I’m making myself with others.

And you don’t have to be rich to act on these ideas and make a lot of money.

A friend of mine, for example, invested just under $5,000 in one my top ideas. She made over $150,000 on her investment, which paid for her entire Master’s program…

I’ve even helped some fund managers, too.

Another friend of mine is one of the world’s top resource investment fund managers. I urged him to take a positon in a tiny company called East West Petroleum. As the company soared, my friend made over one million dollars in his fund…

(Not all of my friends make huge dollar amounts from my recommendations… but the impacts can be very meaningful. One friend of mine put just $1,000 into a deal that made 10 times her money. She took her parents on a vacation with the proceeds. That’s my favorite story of all…)

My point is, scouring the world for great business and investment opportunities, and sharing them with a group of like-minded folks is what I love to do.

I’ve invested tens of millions of dollars…

I have billionaires, top fund managers, entrepreneurs, and geologists in my network of friends and clients…

I have contacts at the highest levels of government…

And I know every project and deposit worth knowing about.

Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is a research service that focuses on resource firms with the potential to grow 100%… 300%… 500%… even 1,000%+ larger than their current size. 

Read the Following Carefully:

I believe Katusa’s Resource Opportunities could easily help you generate $250,000 or more in the coming years.

But to be upfront, the service may not be right for you.

To make truly huge returns in the resource market, you must be willing to seize opportunities that lie outside the comfort zone of most investors.

Grabbing the opportunity to make hundreds of percent often requires taking a risk…

…which often means buying stocks with very small market caps… the kind you’ll never see in the mainstream news or mentioned by a financial advisor.

Granted, these stocks can be volatile. And not every opportunity will be a winner, no matter what approach you take.

But that’s why the gains can be so hugely rewarding for resource investors.

The reason this approach is not right for most people is the very reason it is so incredibly rewarding for those of us it IS right for.

For example, take a look at the gains my readers and I have made in resource stocks…


Africa Oil


Challenger Deep Capital




GNG Resources


Realm International


Shamaran Petroleum


Stream Oil & Gas


Aben Resources


Copper Mountain Mining






Ryan Gold Corp.


Sterling Resources

These companies are not well known, so most people would consider them risky speculations.

But the potential of gains like this is why I get up at five in the morning. It’s why I’ve flown over a million miles and visited hundreds of projects. It’s why I’ve made a huge personal commitment to this sector.

I’ve found that the money made from just one or two massive resource winners is enough money to buy a new house… or put a kid through college.

But by now, you’re probably wondering… how much to get in?

What’s the Value of a Great Idea?

Consider this…

Top hedge funds happily pay $50,000 for “deep dive” research projects on stocks that can return hundreds, even thousands of percent.

Also consider that in the past, people have paid $25,000 annually for access to my ideas.

Or, realize what you would pay a hedge fund for extraordinary performance…

If you invested $100,000 with a hedge fund and it delivered a 50% gain…

…you’d typically pay at least $10,000 in fees.

We’re not charging anywhere near that much.

For a small fraction of what people have paid in the past for my ideas… and the kind of gains I’m confident this research will deliver, you’ll get full access to my best resource recommendations for the next 12 months.

One full year of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities normally costs $3,500.

It’s not cheap, and there are two good reasons for this price:

One, this research is extremely expensive to produce. As you’ll see, what I do is far beyond what you see from other research firms. 

I spend over $100,000 per year on data services alone. I travel constantly. I have a full-time, five-person staff. When I need specialized insight on projects, I pay expensive experts.

All of this produces a much, much higher quality research product than what you’ll find anywhere else.

Two, because I focus on very small, often thinly-traded companies with the potential for massive gains, the high price tag ensures tons of people aren’t competing for shares. This allows me to provide tremendous value to serious investors.

Keeping the price high is the only way I know of ensuring that the information stays valuable for serious investors.

My goal is to share this kind of investing with anyone interested in changing their lives for the better. However, I don’t want to attract people with zero investment experience or skill. This simply isn’t for them.

Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is for investors with some level of experience in the market… for people who know the value of a great idea.

After all, in the hands of the right investor, this kind of information could be worth a fortune. For example, reader F.F. wrote in to say about my work:

“Marin always finds investments I have never heard of, but I’ve learned to pay attention. In mid-February 2015, he suggested buying Brazil Resources. I bought 200,000 shares at C$0.45. It was a C$90,000 investment. In July of that year, I sold my shares at C$2.95. So, I made exactly half a million dollars after getting back my original $90,000. I made over 500% in less than a year.”

If $3,500 sounds like too much money for the opportunity to make giant gains like that, I’m sorry for wasting your time.

Frankly, the research I provide is worth at least 20 times that amount.

It has taken me 15 years to refine my analytical systems and build my enormous network. To do this on your own, it would cost you well over one million dollars. 

But… as a way to say “thank you” for signing up for becoming a Katusa Research reader, I’m willing to make you a special offer.

It’s an incredible offer, really, but it’s only good for the next 7 days. After that, this offer closes forever, and you’ll never see a price this low again.

You can access a one-year subscription to Katusa’s Resource Opportunities for a $1,500 discount.

You’ll pay just $1,997 which is almost half of  what others have paid for the service.

As I’ll show you, this is an incredible bargain… especially considering that my next winning recommendation could pay for the subscription fee many times over.

Let me repeat that…

You’ll pay just $1,997.

This offer is special to readers of Mauldin Economics. You won’t find this special offer anywhere else. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for reviewing our work.

I think this is an incredible bargain… considering that our next winning recommendation could pay for the subscription fee many times over.

Consider: A stake of $5,000 turns into $75,000 on a 1,400% winner like Ryan Gold.

Bottom line: I’ve built an incredible analytical engine that allows me to find the world’s best investments. And I’ve built a network of CEOs, bankers, and geologists that most people can only dream about.

It’s cost me millions of dollars and 15 years to reach this point.

In Katusa’s Resource Opportunities, I’ll be sharing my best ideas for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to join a hedge fund or of what most people pay a financial advisor.

But if you’re interested in joining, I encourage you to act now. This offer will close in a matter of days… and you will never see a price this low again.

There’s one other important detail you should be aware of…

There are no refunds on this offer.

If you’re not thrilled with Katusa’s Resource Opportunities going forward, just let us know.

You can call our Katusa Research Customer Service team, Monday through Friday, to cancel before your next annual charge.

But we’re confident you’ll want to stick around… when you consider how much you could make from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity alone.

Here’s why we’re not doing refunds: We only want to do business with people who understand the value of excellent research… And the huge amount of time and money we put into producing that research.

Committed readers allow us to do what we love – hunt down the best investments in the natural resource space and deliver huge wins to them.

I’m confident once you see the quality of our research, you’ll be a customer for a long, long time.

And should you decide you want to try our research after this 7-day offer window closes, I guarantee you won’t see terms like this again.

So take advantage of this trial period while you can. If you’re interested, I urge you to get in now…

Here’s What You’ll Receive Right Away

The Monthly Issue You’ll be sent an electronic issue of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities straight to your inbox.

Each issue evaluates my current open positions in the resource markets, future plays, and deep research behind the companies that my subscribers are investing in.

By the way, Katusa Research is 100% independent.

I accept no outside advertising from any financial, fund or stock companies to be recommended in Katusa’s Resource Opportunities. I act only in the best interest of Katusa Research subscribers.

And i put millions of dollars of my own money on the line.

I can also say with 100% certainty the level of depth in these issues is unmatched. This is why Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is considered the premier natural resource newsletter in the game. 

With your subscription, you’ll also receive:

Special Reports – These reports we publish periodically will give you all the details on specific sectors, so you can jump in on quick money-making opportunities.

Interim AlertsKatusa Research subscribers are like alligators waiting in the trenches for the right money-making opportunities.

Sometimes you sit out and let other people foolishly lose their money…

And sometimes you have to strike fast for quick gains.

We send out regular alerts to take advantage of quick plays and secure the kinds of gains that others would take months—even years— for others.

  • We just closed a position that returned +170% in less than 45 days…
  • …And another position in a junior copper/gold stock that gained 270% in just over 2 months.

You could have made the money on your subscription back in just one of these plays, just like long-time Katusa Research subscriber G.T. did:

“Investing in Marin’s ideas is the best decision I ever made. He puts his money where his mouth is. I invested $13,500 in Northern Dynasty. In less than three months, the value of my investment was over $52,000… up 280%.”

Subscriber Joel N. said:

I already made profits that pay for the subscription. In addition to your track record, your videos really set your newsletter above the rest. Getting to know the people behind the companies and see the operations is invaluable.”

With your membership, you’ll also get:

Access to My Personal Resource Portfolio in Katusa’s Resource Opportunities:

And your chance to invest alongside me at the same terms and price.

These are the exact companies I’m investing and speculating in with millions of dollars of my own money, my family money and my fund.

Access to the Katusa Research Members Area: 

You will also receive 24/7 access to the Katusa’s Resource Opportunities website that members can access at anytime, anywhere.

Quality Customer Service: 

If you ever have questions about your membership, simply give one of Katusa Research’s friendly Customer Service team members a call during office hours, Pacific Time. They will be happy to walk you through anything relating to your subscription.

When you realize how the profits from just one 170% winner can easily pay for your subscription, it’s no wonder people are happy to pay that much for our ideas.

As these Subscribers recently told us:

“I am a lifetime subscriber. I am already up 240%…”

-Neil C.

“Everything we bought has performed admirably.”

-Jamie L.

“I am VERY happy with my subscription to KRO and your excellent analysis and thinking. It was a no brainer in terms of financial and educational value provided


“On a personal note, I absolutely admire what Marin has built, it’s 1 of the most compelling prepositions in the investing world, truly differentiated. I have an investment banking background where I worked for 15+ years for bulge bracket firms. So Marin keep doing what you do, it’s incredible”

-Sebastian P.

“Thanks for all of the great work you do for your subscribers, we are lucky to have access to your analysis.”

-Brian H.

“It blows me out how much really valuable information you are able to pass on. BRAVO! I suppose we are all waiting in the alligator’s lair to pounce!”

-Mandy H.

As Brian Hunt, the former Director of Research at publishing giant Stansberry Research, said of my work:

“I have worked with, met, or read just about every investment guru out there. Marin puts most of them to shame. He’s brilliant, he has an incredible work ethic, and, best of all, he’s a real investor. He puts his own money on the line.”

If you are interested, reserve your spot right away by completing the Order Form below.

To me, this offer is a “no-brainer.” 

As soon as you sign up, my team will follow up with you immediately, with instructions on how to access everything I’ve discussed here.

As I mentioned, you’re not getting research from a journalist with no money and no track record of success. I see what I do as sort of a “personal journal” of what I’m doing in the market.

You’ll be investing in the same stocks and trends I’m investing in.

To make sure you get incredible value out of your subscription, once I decide a stock is a “buy” and at what price, I’ll let you know… and I will wait 48 hours before I buy it. (In the case of one stock, I’ll be buying more of it.)

That means you’ll have a two-day head start on the opportunities I find.

I will also alert you when I decide a stock in our portfolio is a “sell”… and in that case, I’ll wait 48 hours before selling the stock myself.

This ensures you are getting the same prices as me… usually better prices than me—and most important of all, there are zero conflicts of interest.

You’ll also receive urgent alerts from me anytime I spot an opportunity to buy or sell an investment that simply can’t wait days or weeks.

In the next few minutes, you’ll receive a password to our secure website, where you can access all of our reports.

Just remember:

This is a special, one-time offer I’m making to say “thank you” for watching my presentation for Mauldin Economics subscribers. After this offer closes, you’ll never see a price this low again.

If we have too many folks responding to this offer, I reserve the right to close it down at any time. I simply can’t have too many people getting in on the ideas I cover.

So if you’re interested, I urge you get in now… and get a price that will NEVER be this low again.

I think you’ll find it’s more than worth it.

Bottom-line: You can either continue investing like everyone else – like all the other amateurs out there… Or you can join me in making winning investments well before the crowd hears about them.

I urge you to join me.

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