An urgent alert from the desk of Marin Katusa…

5 Ways to Position Yourself in this MARKET MELTDOWN:

When this crisis passes, the rebound will be historic… and the right stocks will absolutely skyrocket


Marin Katusa here.

First, I’d like to thank you for tuning in to my urgent briefing alert on the state of global markets.

As we just discussed, right now, we’re on the cusp of what may be the biggest market changes in resources in the last 50 years.

  • The Fed fired its bazooka and cut rates to near ZERO.
  • Saudi Arabia and Russia have ignited an oil price war that set off global markets.
  • Energy companies are leading a meltdown in the resource sector. Many down 50-70% from their peak
  • Market sentiment is at extreme fear levels

This tells me that right now, we’re entering an era of incredible change… and opportunity.

One major change will be the psychology of not just government leaders but investors, business management teams and everyday citizens.

  • I think we are going into a market of a more de-globalization economy—and a focus on re-domestication of supply chains.

It’s a time where my subscribers and I have been preparing for… for a long time.

It’s part of my “alligator” investment strategy – to stalk stocks and wait for an optimal time to pounce.

That time is now.

As we’re seeing, the world is going through a time of great change and upheaval.

Geopolitical turmoil… international trade and energy wars…stagnating first-world economies… and some of the lowest interest rates in history…

It’s all setting the stage for some of what I believe are the greatest investment opportunities we’ve seen in a generation.

That’s why I’m investing millions of dollars of my own money into a small group of carefully selected natural resource stocks…

These are the “best of the best” in the entire sector…

I’m not talking about pie-in-the-sky junior stocks and micro caps…

This “black swan” scenario has truly given us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the best of the best at values that were considered farfetched just weeks ago.

When this coronavirus crisis passes—and it will—these stocks will absolutely skyrocket… potentially handing early investors a small fortune.

And these stocks will pay me to wait out the storm.

That’s why, for the next 5 days ONLY, you can join me through this special, limited-time offer for Katusa’s Resource Opportunities.

First: A Warning


No doubt, these are tough times. Safety and security is paramount for everyone and their families.

But in tough times, fortune favors the bold.

Katusa Research is monitoring markets VERY closely.

Over the last few months we urged subscribers to get ready with large US Dollar cash reserves.

In January we wrote that Doctor Copper was signalling trouble in the markets.

Our research said to stay on the sidelines.

And we said to take profits on many of our sky high gold positions.

We’ve been right so far.

Most importantly, this is what I see happening…

I was mocked by US Dollar perma-bears. But I manage money and invest my own and can see capital flows in real time through my network.

We’ve prepared for this massive inflow to the Dollar.

There is a reason why legends like Doug Casey and Rick Rule tapped me to manage their money.

We AVOIDED major losses.

When we saw the news of the Fed’s unprecedented action on Sunday, March 15th, I emailed my top analyst and said to meet me in the office. We got to work on a major alert we sent out late on Sunday night.

In the alert, we outlined the different scenarios that could play out right now in North American markets.

We’re already past Scenario 1… and well into Scenario 2.

We said Scenario 3 and 4 will have the same sell off in the markets.

So right now, the clock is ticking.

That’s why I published my Alligator Watch List.

These are some of the best companies in the world that I want to own in this market meltdown.



  • They are best among their peer group.
  • They are important to their industries
  • They are trading at levels not seen in a LONG, LONG TIME.
  • They will pay me to wait out the recovery
  • And if they recover, they could recover sharp and swift

We’ve been getting a lot of reader and member feedback during these unprecedented times…

“Congratulations on your first prediction for 2020 coming true early – I’m now reading your 2020 review a bit more carefully given the credibility of your analysis. Keep up the good work. It’s work like this that makes me glad I subscribed”

-Kelly I.

“I think I found if not the best, for sure one of the top places to start investing in stocks, and at the best time. Thank you again.”


“I love your newsletter — it’s making me money! Thank you!”

-Michael B.

 “I have been subscribed to your newsletter for the last 12 months and have greatly benefited from the insight, research and advice.”

-Brian T.

And if you’re interested…

I want to help you through this historic time in the markets, and show you how to potentially make some of the biggest gains you’ve ever seen in your life when this is all over…

ONLY 150 SPOTS Are Available
How to Get Started Now:

In the past, people have paid me $25,000 per year for my research.

Even at that price, Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is a bargain, when you consider that just one of my recommendations could pay for your subscription many times over.

But for the next 5 days ONLY…

And for the first 150 people…

I’ve directed my team to authorize a specially-discounted offer for you.

What I’m doing for the next few days is an unprecedented price slash for my premium research service…

Because markets are moving fast…

And I’ve helped investors make fortunes putting money to work in panics…

  • During the market collapse of 2008, I was pounding the pavement to pick up ridiculously cheap shares of a Uranium Producer. They had world class deposits only months away from production. Bold investors that heeded my call made returns of 1,852%.
  • In the crash of 2008, copper prices were collapsing. I recommended shares of a major Canadian Copper Miner as low as 45 cents. Less than 3 years later, the stock traded over $8 – a 16x gain on your money…

Today, this is your chance to buy great companies at once-in-a-generation prices.

  • Recently, I alerted subscribers to scoop up shares of an exploration company under 22 cents. Fast forward 3 months and the stock was trading north of 60 cents. That’s a 272% gain.

Some folks need years or more to see triple-digit gains in their portfolio.

But we did it again in just 45 days, spotting a fast moving trend in the oil market for a quick 170% gain.

The past several months have brought us similar big, quick gains we’ve capitalized on—with much more to come—like:

  • A change to profit off one of my gold top recommendations soared 321% in 12 months.
  • An opportunity to make 54% in a gold producer in under 3 months.
  • A chance to make a 71% profit in a world-class silver company… in less than 90 days.

The fact is, Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is one the most widely-followed research services in the business.

The subscriber list is a literal “who’s who” of the resource industry.

I’m talking about guys like legendary resource financier Rick Rule, President and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, who said:

“Marin has worked directly with and financed many companies of well-known individuals in the resource industry and has become one of the most trusted and well-connected dealmakers in the junior resource sector. A very bright mind.”

That’s why my research isn’t cheap.

An annual subscription to Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is regularly $3,495.

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Beginning immediately, you’ll receive:

The Monthly Issue You’ll be sent an electronic issue of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities straight to your inbox.

Each issue evaluates my current open positions in the resource markets, future plays, and deep research behind the companies that my subscribers are investing in.

By the way, Katusa Research is 100% independent.

I accept no outside advertising from any financial, fund or stock companies to be recommended in Katusa’s Resource Opportunities. I act only in the best interest of Katusa Research subscribers.

And i put millions of dollars of my own money on the line.

I can also say with 100% certainty the level of depth in these issues is unmatched. This is why Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is considered the premier natural resource newsletter in the game. 

With your subscription, you’ll also receive:

Special Reports – These reports we publish periodically will give you all the details on specific sectors, so you can jump in on quick money-making opportunities.

Interim AlertsKatusa Research subscribers are like alligators waiting in the trenches for the right money-making opportunities.

Sometimes you sit out and let other people foolishly lose their money…

And sometimes you have to strike fast for quick gains.

We send out regular alerts to take advantage of quick plays and secure the kinds of gains that others would take months—even years— for others.

  • We just closed a position that returned +170% in less than 45 days…
  • …And another position in a junior copper/gold stock that gained 270% in just over 2 months.

You could have made the money on your subscription back in just one of these plays, just like long-time Katusa Research subscriber G.T. did:

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“Thanks for all of the great work you do for your subscribers, we are lucky to have access to your analysis.”

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“It blows me out how much really valuable information you are able to pass on. BRAVO! I suppose we are all waiting in the alligator’s lair to pounce!”

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As Brian Hunt, the former Director of Research at publishing giant Stansberry Research, said of my work:

“I have worked with, met, or read just about every investment guru out there. Marin puts most of them to shame. He’s brilliant, he has an incredible work ethic, and, best of all, he’s a real investor. He puts his own money on the line.”

If you are interested, reserve your spot right away by completing the Order Form below.

To me, this offer is a “no-brainer.”

As soon as you sign up, my team will follow up with you immediately, with instructions on how to access everything I’ve discussed here.

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