Govt. Forced “Panic Rebound
Legislation Fueling Triple-
Digit Breakouts…

International billionaires, fund managers and venture capitalists are scrambling to hit a tax loss deadline.

This triggers a short profit window that starts on December 15th where everyday investors could quickly turn every $3,900 invested into $40,671

Dear Investor,

Take a look at this chart of Teck Resources, Canada’s largest diversified mining company…

By late December 2015, Teck Resources had fallen over 83% for the year to $4.50 per share as funds and wealthy investors panicked and dumped their positions in the last few months of the year.

But within 12 months, investors scrambled to buy back shares, driving Teck Resources to $35.02…

Enough to turn every $3,000 invested into $23,340 in less than 12 months.

The same story unfolded 2016 with Western Copper & Gold Corp

Prices dropped over 50% the last few months of 2015 to $.22 as billionaire investors and fund managers ditched shares on the open market…

…only to scoop them back up a few weeks later at fire sales prices and driving shares to $1.03 by mid-July.

Smart investors harvested a 368% gain––turning $5,000 into a $23,409 in less than six months.

It happened again in 2014 when Detour Gold Corp sold-off late in the year only to rally over 187%…

…turning every $10,000 invested into $18,710…in just over 6 months.

Or in 2016 when First Majestic Corp turned every $3,500 invested into $18,091 as shares climbed 517% in eight months.

What these charts are showing you is the direct result of government tax rules that allows all types of investors and funds to take advantage of stock losses.

But here’s what most people don’t know:

Its also a highly lucrative profit opportunity for everyday investors like you and me.

In fact, knowing this big secret of the markets allows you to quickly pull an extra $7,945$25,342$87,482… even hundreds of thousands of dollars from the market over the next few short months.

It doesn’t involve decades of buy-and-hold, confusing option trades or risky futures contracts…

This strategy has nothing to do with Bitcoin, overhyped marijuana stocks, tech stocks or bloated blue-chips.

Instead, its a simple profit strategy for average investors to piggyback” on tax avoidance loopholes…

And ride the “panic rebound” back up to see fast gains like…












UR ENERGY in 2017



Moves like this play out every year…year after year like clockwork.

Thats when youll see the first signs

A select group of stocks suddenly start free falling…

…often plunging to new lows.

All because a group of investors and fund managers might be forced to panic dump millions of shares of perfectly good companies on the open market, driving down the price of a select group of stocks.

This is great news for you and I…

Because after this dramatic price plummet, shares could quickly rally over the next few weeks as much as 50%… 100%… 200%… even 1,100% or more.

How do I know this will happen?

Because I’ve personally used this annual profit strategy every year for almost two decades to help cultivate a multi-million dollar fortune…starting from nothing.

Just like my subscribers and I did in 2016 when Northern Dynasty returned 355%… 

A move that turned $3,000 into $13,654…in less than 3 months!

Or when I alerted subscribers about a buy into Sun Metals… where every $10,000 invested could’ve turned into $29,110 in less than 5 monthsa 291% rally.

These forced tax rallies play out every year.

The unintended results of wealthy investors panic selling quality assets to cover tax liabilities…

…and the “rebound” that happens when these same wealthy investors buy these shares back after booking the tax losses––at fire sale prices.

For people in the know, this anomaly in the markets is one of the last great equalizers that levels the playing field between the wealthy global elites and everyday investors like you and me.

From zero to multi-million dollar early retirement

My name is Marin Katusa. I’m the founder of Katusa Research…

What I’m sharing with you today is a simple, but extremely potent investment strategy.

A strategy that, combined with my investment research, has generated huge returns for myself, my subscribers and a small group of elite “inner circle” investors over the last few years…

These tax panic rallies are just one of the strategies I used as a struggling high school calculus teacher to pull $100,000s of dollars from the markets…

…allowing me to retire a millionaire in my 20sstarting from scratch and living on a teacher’s salary.

Honestly, making your first million is one of the greatest feelings in the world…

I don’t come from money and I barely had any when starting out. In fact, my parents are immigrants, I grew up in East Vancouver.

Back then, it was the “rough” side of town. I was very lucky.

I had lots of love at home, and two very tough older brothers that taught me the street smarts to survive our surroundings.

If I can become a millionaire starting from nothing… so can you.

Probably with a lot less time and sacrifices it took me.

The truth is––If you want to achieve a life of debt free financial freedom without spending another day of your life in a job you hate––you absolutely must make a higher return on your money…

I’m talking about triple, even quadruple digit returns like 164%… 203%… 630%… or even 1,116%…

…enough to turn $5,000 into over $68,110!

Not only are massive returns like this more common than you think…

I’ll show you exactly how to find Panic Rebound setups

By now I’m sure you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of these tax loss rallies before…

There’s a simple answer to that…

…only 1-in-1000 investment professionals even know about this strategy.

Of the pros that have heard of it, even less know how to use it to repeatedly return triple-digit gains year after year.

Forced tax loss rallies are not something you’ll hear about from 401k administrators or the talking heads on financial television…

It’s just not on their radars.

Besides, what’s the first thing to pop into your mind when you hear the word “taxes”?

The last thing you think about is…

depositing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the bankpaying off all of your and your families debt…or retiring decades ahead of schedule

You see, the wealthy elite have found a way to dodge huge tax liabilities, exploit loopholes and make extraordinary fortunes as they move in-and-out of the markets.

And tax panic rallies are a way to ride their coattails to huge gains.

Triple-digit profits from the tax misery of wealthy elites…

As much as politicians running for office and the media like to say otherwise…the wealthy do pay taxes!

A lot of them…

Millions and billions of dollars flow out of the pockets and trading accounts of wealthy elites and fund managers into the government coffers every year in tax payments.

The more they make…the more they have to pay.

The only difference is that the government practically forces the extremely wealthy to use a different tax strategy to offset liabilities.

You see for them, it’s not just a simple matter of writing off equipment depreciations or employee cost…

Often capital write-offs are not enough to off-set huge tax liabilities because these investors lost or made too much money over the course of the year.

Take Warren Buffet for example, at a 35% tax rate, realizing a $1 billion loss saves him over $350 million in taxes.

So to offset these massive losses, Buffett and other wealthy investors begin panic selling quality, stable and often very profitable assets.

This strategy is also known as tax loss selling…

It’s a nice way of saying…“We made (or lost) way too much money and need to dump assets to offset our exposure…NOW!

Naturally, this selling drives stock prices way below their true market value in a short period of time – creating a temporary market anomaly.

This is where you and I come in.

A Brief Window For Triple-Digit Gains

You see, these elite investors know very well they’re dumping millions of dollars of their net worth in very profitable assets.

They know exactly what the true value of these assets are––which is why they buy them back.

The only problem is these billionaires, fund managers and wealthy venture capitalist can’t just buy back after taking advantage of this tax loophole.

The government knows how the wealthy play this game…

There’s a waiting period. It’s a short window (30 to 60 days depending on jurisdiction) that’s enforced before an investor is allowed to repurchase the profitable assets they just dumped.

This is the key strategy:

  • This short window between panic selling and repurchasing creates a massive profit opportunity for you and me.

It’s our chance to strike and scoop up quality shares of extremely profitable, debt-free assets for pennies-on-the-dollar.

Once this window closes and waiting period is over, the floodgates burst open and pent up money comes flooding back into the market to re-establish positions…

…sending the prices of certain stocks screaming back.

And you get to ride along, collecting triple-digit gains, exploding your net-worth and cashing-in as thousands of dollars of flow into your accounts.

Just like we saw with the Canopy Growth, Sun Metals, Copper Mountain moves I mentioned earlier.

Now keep in mind, those initial selloffs had very little to do with underlying share value…

There was nothing inherently wrong with any of these companies.

And as an investor, you know that most of the time the market places the correct value on assets…

…the efficient market theory.

But it’s not efficient all the time.

At least not when outside forces (government taxes and regulations) are involved.

This is when we find our edge

Those rare moments when buying and selling decisions are not based on values, dividends, or cash flows but external factors like fund redemptions and tax considerations.

Does this happen to every stock, every year?

Absolutely not!

If only getting rich was that simple…

Most of the time it’s not always obvious when a tax loss sell-off is occurring. And the explosive triple-digit rebounds that follow are not that common when compared to the general market.

But they still happen every year…year after year.

In fact, I performed a quick analysis of one of my favorite panic rally playgrounds––the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange (TSX-V)––from 2003 to last year’s 2018 rally and what I found shocked me…

Every November to February time period from 2003 to 2018…

Tax loss selling accelerates in the last 60 trading days of the year. With the key date focusing around December 15th every year.

And then then a “panic rebound” commences during the first 60 days of the year.

This happens as sold off – yet intrinsically strong – companies explode higher… in many cases like we’ve shown above, hundreds of percent more than the market index.

And as I’ve shown you, these forced panic rallies can be reliable and extremely lucrative…

…if you can spot them in time.

You have to be actively looking for the key indicators of a forced tax loss selling panic.

It’s not a simple matter of buying any stock in November and cashing out in April to buy his and her matching BMW’s.

You have to know which stocks and companies are prime tax loss candidates…

…which stocks will quickly rebound to new highs, and which ones will continue their downward slide or stay flat.

Heres what you need to spot a Panic Rebound

Based on the extensive study of over 340 forced tax selloff opportunities over the past two decades, my team and I have identified three specific key indicators that signal an explosive oncoming rally.

These highly potent indicators that have proven to signal highly lucrative triple-digit…even quadruple-digit opportunities.

Indicator #1: Stocks trading below NAV

Net Asset Value or NAV is the value of a company’s assets minus the value of its liabilities.

This key metric is a good indicator that tells us which stocks caught up in a tax selloff that’ll quickly rebound over the next few months…

…or continue to free fall, losing thousands…millions of shareholder value.

When you buy stocks below NAV it’s like buying $1.00 bills for $.65…there’s a “built-in” profit with every purchase.

I know what you’re thinking…”but why would they selloff profitable assets?”

The answer is simple, theyll sell and take a profit to offset losses of other poorly performing assets.

Simply put, these wealthy investors are lowering their tax burden by temporarily eliminating profitable assets.

But, like I said earlier, the wealthy know they are getting rid of strong, profitable assets…

…and they’ll want them back.

Lucky for us, they can’t just buy them back after the tax collector is gone because of the forced 30 to 60 day “time out” period before buying back and re-establishing positions.

So while they sit on the sidelines, watching and waiting…

…you and I scoop up shares at fire sale prices.

Let me tell you, it’s like the running of the bulls once this time out period ends.

All of that pent up energy and money comes flooding back in and driving share prices higher.

This is when you’ll see that dramatic “panic rally” in stock prices…all you have to do is know when to get in and collect your share of this huge flow of money.

Indicator #2: A 50% (or more) drop in a year

I’m going to be honest with you here…

The market doesn’t care how rich or poor you are. It won’t hesitate a second to humble and take even the most sophisticated investors down a notch or two.

Even elite, ultra-wealthy billionaires lose money on their investments from time to time.

It’s the nature of the beast.

But in our tax panic rally investment strategy a 50% drop is almost welcomed…

If there’s nothing wrong with the fundamentals (trading below NAV), a 50% drop is a tell-tale sign investors could be selling to offset a tax burden.

That was the story with Copper Mountain Mining Corp just last year…

Share prices cratered over 50% in the last two months of 2018, dropping from $1.40 to $.70 as wealthy investors scrambled to dump shares and take a loss to offset gains in other profitable investments.

And, just like clockwork, prices quickly rebounded as investors flood back to reestablish positions.

Driving Copper Mountain back up to $1.18 a share by late April…a quick 69% gain in less than 3 months!

Indicator #3: New 52 week lows late in the year

This is an obvious but important indicator of tax loss selling.

Wealthy investors are not concerned with tax loss positioning at the beginning of the year.

It simply doesn’t matter to them until later on in the year when they know where they stand for profits and losses for the year.

That’s why you see this late selling phenomenon taking shape…

…wealthy investors and funds are panicking. 

They don’t want to get blindsided with a monstrous tax bill.

We watched this play out big time back in 2015 with Pure Gold Mining…

After hitting a high of $.34 a share at the beginning of the year, stock prices steadily dropped to a new 52 week low, bottoming out at $.07 in late November.

Representing an 82% drop…

Normally when the floor collapses on a stock like this, everybody grabs their wallets and avoids the stock like the plague.

But not my subscribers and I, we look at tax loss selling as an edge for us to pounce on.

Shares of Pure Gold Mining exploded to $.73 a share by mid-May as investors moved back in to reestablish their position…

…generating a 1,042% rise in less than 6 months. It’s a move that turned $3,900 invested into a $40,671 jackpot.

Just keep in mind:

Forced tax loss rallies don’t just happen with every stock or even every year.

There are over 630,000 public companies trading on exchanges all over the world.

The odds of randomly spotting a triple-digit rally candidate in the chaos is nearly non-existent.

And unless you started digging months ago, you’re out of luck for the forced tax loss frenzy Im predicting will kick off on December 15, 2019.

Just a few short days from now.

I’ve already identified three stocks primed to generate tens of thousands of dollars or more in a matter of weeks…

A Tax Rally Profit Blueprint
Worth Millions…

It’s my 100% FREE for you today special report…

The Panic Rebound Playbook:
An Alligator Investor’s Guide to Triple-Digit Returns in
Tax Loss Selling Season

The Panic Rebound Playbook: An Alligator Investor’s Guide to Triple-Digit Returns in Tax Loss SellingSeason… is the only play-by-play guidebook available to everyday investors who want to make a killing taking advantage of tax selloff panics and the incredible price rebounds that follow.

Inside, I reveal my top three stocks targeted for forced tax panic rallies and set ups for tremendous gains over the next three to nine months.

…companies with quality assets, low debt, great management teams and growing profits.

Stock picks like…

Forced Panic Rebound Stock #1
Is This the Next Domino to Fall in the Gold Producer Buyout Frenzy?

This mid-tier operation holds an incredibly high grade gold deposit. And it’s slated to produce several hundred thousand ounces of gold for a decade and a half.

Already in the cross-hairs of major gold producing majors, there is one major gold producer that has a secret “tax shield” up its sleeve that I believe could unlock a blockbuster deal for Panic Rebound Stock #1.

It’s one of the last potential Tier One deposits left in the hands of a non-major producer. At current gold prices it makes money. At $1,500 gold and higher… this stock is an absolute monster cash cow.

Forced Panic Rebound Stock #2
The Golden Workhorse
Trading Below NAV

This stock was once a market darling, delivering early shareholders 650% returns in under 1 year.

Since that time, the stock has declined 77%.

But I’m not intending on buying this company just because the shares are down big. I’m putting in bids because the story has gotten MUCH better.

Large funds have sold off large holdings of this undervalued gold explorer. It triggered a wave of stop-losses and drove down shares prices well below NAV.

I’ve wanted to build a position back in this company for a long time. And I’ve met with the management hundreds of times and know the projects very well.

With a pair of quality assets in the middle of the best mining jurisdiction in the world, I don’t expect this underdog to stay down long.

There are no guarantees, but this year’s tax loss panic rebound could produce a slingshot rally in this stock very quickly over the coming months.

Forced Panic Rebound Stock #3
The Ambush Predator’s Dream…

This is a textbook “Alligator” investment opportunity.

This stock has been on my radar for a while now. For months I’ve patiently stalked this stable, dividend paying, low-debt energy producer…

Waiting in the deep grass for the perfect price point to strike and scoop up shares at bargain prices… It’s by far one of my favorite oil companies that’s on sale because of the panic exit in the Canadian oil sector.

When best in breed oil companies like this are in a fire sale, you HAVE to take notice.

I’ll be putting in my bids like a hawk this winter.

Put $150,000 of Analytical Firepower at your Disposal

I’ve spent every year for almost two decades now compiling data and analyzing forced tax loss profit rallies… as a system to make significant bets in the market during tax loss season every year.

I spend well over $150,000 for the best data streams, analytical software and analysts. I narrow down and filter all the stocks in the resource universe to find the best tax loss panic rebound stocks.

Then my team and I spend hundreds of hours making calls, hiring experts to verify our findings and cross-check everything with our incredible rolodex.

What we’ve put together is The Panic Rebound Playbook.

It’s a blueprint that will show exactly how easily (and quickly) you can start harvesting triple-digit panic rebound gains for yourself.

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I’ve devoted so much time and resources into this because, to me, there’s no easier or profitable way to turn the playing field to your advantage.

And this is just one of the little-known strategies I share with my readers.

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As I mentioned before, this report is absolutely free of charge.

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Katusas Resource Opportunities is where you’ll find the same deep investment research and strategies I used to shave decades off my retirement plan – allowing me to roll that early million dollar windfall into a multi-million dollar fortune.

In fact, my deep research, ideas and investment game plans like the “Panic Rebound” profit strategy I’m sharing with you today played a role in many of the triple and quadruple digit gains my subscribers and I have made over the years, including


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Reservoir Capital


JNR Resources

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Heres what youll get

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